Aspheric Lenses

Afraid you’re going to have to call the FunSpecs Fun Police to report boredom after reading this page?  Don’t worry, you can put the phone down.   You won’t find any technical dissertation about the physics of reader lenses on this website.   Suffice it to say, that little "Aspheric Lens" sticker on every pair of FunSpecs means you're getting readers of much higher quality than the average drug store variety.

Okay, want a little more?

Conventional lenses have a uniform spherical shape, much like the surface of a ball.   Aspheric lenses have a more complex surface shape that gradually changes curve from the center of the lens to its edges.

Why does this matter?

Quality: Superior optics. The aspheric lens avoids distortion in your peripheral view, a common problem with conventional reading glasses.  Objects remain in crisp, clear focus, even as your eye moves away from the center of the lens.

Fashion: Thinner lenses. The flatter curve of an aspheric lens keeps it from bulging out from the frame.   With the stylish slim profile of FunSpecs readers, you avoid the "Coke bottle effect" that occurs with conventional reading glasses.  It's hard to look your best when your eyes are magnified to double their actual size!

Comfort: Lightweight readers. We disagree with the notion that fashionable is synonymous with uncomfortable.   Comfort is high on our checklist for what makes a superior reader, and aspheric lenses are an important means to that goal.   Because thinner lenses mean lighter frames.  You'll barely even know they're there.

Now, throw in the fact that FunSpecs are engineered to last, with durable spring hinges, and contoured nose supports on most styles.  Not to mention that our readers look so much better (in our humble opinion) than conventional reading glasses!

Okay, that's as technical as we care to get here at FunSpecs.   If you really want to know everything about aspheric lenses, there's plenty out there on the World Wide Web.   But for now, if you'll excuse us, we have some Fun to attend to...





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