Rhinestone Cowgirl FunSpecs
Join the fashion stampede with these sparkling new readers!

Designed to complement the hottest in “Western chic” styles. Perfect for reading a book on the ranch, or a night out on the town for the urban cowgirl. Caramel frames accented by alternating amber and crystal rhinestones, with fashionable wide sidebars.

Lasso a pair today before they’re gone for the season!


Special Offer: Order your Rhinestone Cowgirl readers, and get a
second pair of Mocha Polka readers for HALF PRICE!

  Rhinestone Cowgirl    $31.95       

MATCHING CASE COMES FREE with readers — use the suede fabric to clean your FunSpecs. 

PENDANTS are a convenient way to hold onto your readers, and a stylish fashion accessory!  Only $9.95.

CLICK HERE to order pendant.

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